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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answered: Matchplay made simple for parents

We are constantly receiving calls from parents about matchplay explaining that they don't understand the system run by the LTA and what they need to do to get their child into more competitions at the academy or at their club. Please read through below and hopefully we can answer some of your FAQs, however, if you have a particularly good one then please give the office a call!

1. What is a BTM?  

Answer: BTM stands for British Tennis Membership and is run by the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) who are the governing body of tennis in Great Britain. BTM is free to join for all junior players and is compulsory if your child wants to play in external tennis tournaments.
2. How do I get a BTM?  

Answer: BTM is a very simple process, is FREE and can be completed by clicking this link . You will be asked to state the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy as your chosen place to play. 
3. Who do the ratings work?

Answer: Depending on your age group, you will receive an entry rating to get you started. This is usually a Level 4 rating for players aged 7-10yrs and a rating of 10.2 for players aged 11 and over. Once you have this rating you are ready to play matches. You can play similar rated players to help improve your own rating up to a certain level. All the results are completed by a professional coach and sent to the LTA where your winning matches will help you move up the ratings chart!
4. Do matches need to be against the same rated players and the same sex players?

Answer: NO. Players can play in mixed tournaments and timed tennis tournaments up to a rating standard of 8.2 when they must then start playing against the same sex player and in more traditional length matches (best of 3 sets)
5. How does my rating move up and when?  

Answer: The best guide to this is the LTA website . Players must accumulate a number of wins against similar rated or higher rated players to move up. The ratings are changed at regular intervals throughout the year. Once a player gets to a rating of 8.2 then the system changes slightly to reflect the higher standard of play.
6. Can my child still do matchplay without a rating? 

Answer: YES. But of course the match wont count for anything other than a sense of satisfaction if you win and some good experience on court!

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