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Safeguarding Your Player

One of the most important aspects to choosing the right programme for your child's after school activities, is the safety of the programme that is on offer. The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy takes its safeguarding policies very seriously as does the National Tennis Centre as rightly befits the home of British Tennis.

Protecting your child: ACTA measures in place

1. ACTA uses only qualified and DBS checked tennis coaches to deliver its tennis coaching services. Coaches in the UK are required by the LTA to obtain regular education to keep their coaching license and this includes regular DBS checks and safeguarding courses as well as 3 year updates on first aid. Our coaches are there to provide a safe, yet highly motivated environment for your child to learn tennis.

2. NTC Security - the National Tennis Centre is a secure building which has locked boundaries and a high level security system and staff in place 24/7. The venue constantly monitors its visitors with all adults required to check in to the buildings when arriving on site.

3. TAGPAY - ACTA is the first UK based tennis academy to install TAGPAY registrations as part of its termly procedures. TAGPAY is a digital passport that gathers information about each child's weekly attendance, arrival times and check out times. Messages are sent to a delegated parent of every child that comes to class wearing the TAGPAY band to inform them of the start and finish times of the class and to provide a historical record of their participation.

4. Health and Safety On Court - ACTA works closely with the NTC to ensure that each of its courts is a safe place to play. Members of the ACTA coaching team are always tasked with highlighting any dangers to players on court such as surrounding fencing, doorways, netting and surrounding court areas.


Parents Note: Whilst we can assure all our parents that we endeavour to take the most amount of due care possible to make each child's experience at ACTA safe, we would like to ensure that parents and carers take due care whilst the children are off court as well.







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