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UK Tennis Programme - Introduction

"Our key aim is that all our players enjoy their tennis, improve their understanding of the game and are inspired to keep playing tennis for many years to come." 

Annabel.jpgThere are many different coaching methods for tennis across the country and each offers its own benefits for developing skills as a tennis player.

The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy was designed whilst taking a close look at all of these methods and has settled on its own philosophy that defines each coaching session. Our philosophy for improvement is defined by two clear words which are focused on throughout our classes - "Movement & Repetition"

It is through these two crucial areas that we find the most important aspects of what we believe makes tennis players improve and most importantly enjoy their tennis development. Our coaching classes feature a high volume of hitting and our coaches are armed with large trolleys of balls ready to give each player a testing and rewarding series of drills and exercises on court that have specifically developed by Annabel Croft during her time as a players and by Steve Cockell who is the director of coaching at the academy.

The 3 Zones:

Annabel picked up a lot of her coaching information and ideas when she completed the Sanchez-Casal coaching course in Spain. With Spanish tennis continually impressing on the Tour and with her own children enjoying the challenge of training under these methods, a lot of the ACTA program draws inspiration from the Spanish drills techniques and methods. This includes a feature of the program that focuses on breaking the tennis court into 3 specific zones:

  • Backcourt;
  • MidCourt;
  • Frontcourt. 

Each drill establishes the right technique and tactics for playing in each zone such and helps a player understand the decisions they need to make when they receive the ball. This may be to defend, attack or rally but can also allow a player to establish where their strengths and weaknesses lie. These methods are so successful Andy Murray confesses to the Sanchez-Casal training methods being fundamental to his development into the current Wimbledon Champion!

Further Details - What you can expect from our weekly courses:

  • No membership fees
  • Closely matched, small sized coaching groups (1:4 ratio)
  • 12 week term time coaching course featuring 1-1.5 hour weekly classes (some terms maybe longer)
  • Match play classes for players looking to build tactical awareness and work on match play skills
  • Uniquely designed curriculum
  • Suitable for all ages and standards of play
  • Regular competitive opportunities

In addition, our unique program features many things that are missing from standard tennis programs that we feel are important to the development and enjoyment of the game. These are:

  • Serve & return drills in every session
  • Drills designed to practice every shot
  • Emphasis on creative shot making
  • No time wasted on non-hitting skills

Whatever you are looking for from your tennis classes, why not give us a call and see what we can offer you? 

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